For over a decade now, we have been crafting exquisite trousers tailored exclusively for discerning dancers who embody grace and elegance.


"As I reflect upon the remarkable journey of, my heart overflows with love and gratitude for the extraordinary individuals who have played a significant role in shaping its story... 

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  • Experience the epitome of luxury with our exquisite selection of fabrics, boasting a premium composition of high-quality materials, including up to 60% wool.

    Some of us know very well how wool has the magic skills when it comes to sweat/moisture management. The good wool fabric we use is provided by the most trustable brand in Türkiye, "Altınyıldız.
    In 1991, they opened their doors to the public, and the following year, they were awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate, making them the first company in Turkey to receive this recognition. Additionally, in 1996, Altınyıldız became the first Turkish company to be admitted to the Australian Super Fine Wool Growers Association, acknowledging their significant contributions to the industry. Even today, they remain among the top five global producers of wool fabric.


    Something else to be proud of.

2 types of FABRICS, 6 COLOURS, 7 customisable SIZES. 

  • These are the colours

    Colours differ ever slightly when you choose different thickness of the fabric.
    If you like a pixel peeping

    download this 2400px image 

We have updated as well as simplified our MEASUREMENTS section. You only need to choose your WAIST measurements.

more about the measurements

To measure your waist, grab a pair of trousers that fit you well. Use a measuring tape to measure the inside of the belt line all the way around from the button.

Take note of this centimeter measurement and select the closest value from the drop-down menu on our website here.

If you have any specific requirements or additional measurements, you can add a note during the checkout process. Our skilled tailors will adjust the hips according to your waist measurement, unless you mention any specific details in the note during checkout.

The trousers' length is set at 115cm, and the hems are not finalized. We leave this part for you to decide. We don't finalize the length since our tailors can't take your measurements in person.

To finalize the length with your own tailor, we recommend wearing your dance shoes and ensuring that the trousers hang about 0.5cm above the floor behind the heel during normal standing, as this is ideal for tango trousers.

we are flexible

If you think you have no access to a tailor to perfect the length of your trousers while wearing, and if you do not mind taking a risk then give us your desired length by adding a NOTE during the checkout process.

That length should be from 2 fingers below your belly button to the floor, minus 0.5cm.

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