with all my love


As I reflect upon the remarkable journey of TangoTrousers.com, my heart overflows with love and gratitude for the extraordinary individuals who have played a significant role in shaping its story. One such person is Salome Nunez, an Argentinian lady whom I had the privilege of meeting in Washington, DC during the 2000s. Salome, who lovingly referred to me as her son, crafted my very first pair of tango trousers in her home atelier. Her maternal care and craftsmanship left an indelible mark on my heart.

During those years, as I traveled and taught tango across the United States, I faced immigration related challenges that kept me away from my own mother for nearly a decade. When I finally received my greencard and had the opportunity to reunite with her in 2008, she caught sight of me wearing Salome's exquisite trousers and exclaimed, "Cool trousers! Who made those for you?" We reminisced about Salome and the dear friends who had greatly taken care of me during my time away. Filled with love and affection, my dear mother Zühal, a remarkably talented arts and crafts person, generously offered to make tango trousers not just for me, but also for my students.

In 2011, together with my mother, we established this website, TangoTrousers.com. It all began with her heartfelt message to the world:
"My name is Zühal. I have proudly watched my son Murat and his partners travel and share their talents with tango enthusiasts worldwide. On one occasion, he walked into my house wearing his tango trousers. That day, I offered to create his clothing, just like I did when he was a little boy in preschool. Now, I am excited to extend my time and enthusiasm to help Murat's friends and students. If you appreciate his style of trousers, you can customise your own and complete your order on this page. I am delighted to assist you."

Over the course of 12 years, Zühal poured her heart and soul into TangoTrousers. She continually refined her designs and catered to countless clients from all corners of the globe. While she encountered challenging times, including months without orders and the loss of a tailor during the pandemic, her passion for this work never waned. Zühal cherished every opportunity to ensure that everything was perfect, running tirelessly to maintain the quality and satisfaction of each customer. Her dedication and love for this craft were unparalleled.

Regrettably, due to the challenges of old age and multiple strokes, Zühal was unable to continue her journey with us. Following her first stroke, she experienced a significant loss of speech, and despite numerous sessions of speech therapy, she suffered another stroke that posed a grave threat to her life. Zühal remained in intensive care, relying on intubation and remaining unconscious for nearly eight months. However, through her unwavering determination, she eventually freed herself from the intubation and regained consciousness. Sadly, in May 2023, her body could no longer sustain her, and she peacefully passed away.

Regarding this website, I faced a difficult decision during those devastating weeks and months. The original purpose of TangoTrousers seemed to have lost its meaning, and I had never intended for it to become my primary occupation. However, I was deeply encouraged by Zühal's friends, manufacturers, and tailors to allow the business to continue. TangoTrousers had become more than just a venture—it was a testament to Zühal's hard work, her sweat and tears, and the joy she found in her passion for crafting. Therefore, it shall remain as a memorial on this website.

Zühal's journey is intertwined with her lifelong dedication to the arts. As a student at the fine arts academy, she crossed paths with my father, an assistant professor teaching photography. After her graduation, Zühal spent her entire career editing newspapers, publishing arts and crafts magazines, and traveling to teach painting and crafting at various craft schools. She even hosted morning shows on TV, sharing her expertise in painting fabric and wood. Most importantly, alongside my father, she nurtured my own artistic path, encouraging me to attend the art school and study painting in the academy of fine arts. She supported my continued studies at George Washington University for master's courses. While I embarked on a journey of teaching and dancing, never fully detached from the world of arts and crafts, I always held my parents close to my heart. The influence of TangoTrousers played a significant role in preserving this connection.

Today, TangoTrousers stands as an established business in Zürich, Switzerland, where I reside with my loving wife and our adorable daughter. As a brand on the Shopify platform, you can place your complete trust in TangoTrousers. Every aspect of our work is conducted with love and the genuine spirit of an amateur, as we honour the legacy of Zühal and continue the craft she held dear.