y name is Zuhal. I have been proudly watching my son Murat and his partners traveling and sharing their talents with tango enthusiasts all over the world.

In one of their visits to my house, here in Istanbul, Murat expressed his dissatisfaction with his performance clothing, especially his trousers. That was the day I offered to make his clothing for him, just like the old days, when he was a little boy in pre-school.

Now I am excited to offer my time and enthusiasm to help Murat's friends and students.

If you like his style of trousers, you can customize yours and complete your order here on this page.

I am very happy to help you.

        ide legged, straight cut trousers.... aren't they difficult to find?  What about trousers that don’t wrinkle, so you can travel with them in your suitcase from marathon to festival?  How about the ones that are particularly designed for DANCING TANGO?

For over 15 years of dancing, Murat looked for the best trousers and shoes to dance in. The style he discovered to be the most suitable for a male tango dancer is the style you will find here on this website. Straight-cut, extended fold (for extra weight on the bottom), wrinkle resistant 50% wool 50% polyester fabric and full detailed with zipper, side pockets and belt wholes, even a special belt holder.

These trousers are specifically designed for elegant tango dancers who expect high performance from their dance-wear, who travel frequently from milonga to marathon or festival to encuentro and who care to leave a lasting impression, especially in motion.



All colors are 50% wool 50% polyester, easy to wash, wrinkle resistant fabric.
Dry cleaning or if not, machine wash with cold water - hang dry - steam iron with low heat.

All you need to do is, to provide me with the quantity, measurements of your belt line, hip and length, your color choices and the units which you use to measure.

CHOOSING QUANTITY: Click on the drop down menu to see your options. You may order up to 6 trousers in once. If you order more than 3 trousers, shipping cost will be the same as ordering 3 trousers: $28, so you save from shipping if you order more.

CHOOSE UNITS as inches or centimeters.

MEASUREMENTS: Follow these easy steps.

1:   Put your tango shoes on.

2:   While standing straight, take measurements around your belt line (where your belt would be), hips (around buttocks) and length (from the top of the belt line to the FLOOR where your heels touch). As Superman shows.

3:   Type your measurements in the box, example: 90 - 105 - 115

CHOOSING COLOR: You will need to type your color selections in the box, available colors are:  White, Beige, Gray, Brown, Black.

You may use either your Paypal account or your credit card to complete your purchase. Your pants will be shipped to you from Turkey. It takes 2-4 days for your trousers to be made and an additional 1-2 weeks to Europe and Asia for shipping and 2-3 weeks to the U.S.A.

Feel free to Email us if you have any questions or further instructions :)





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